Bio-Fertiliser Training and Installations

SONIC Natural Farming Bio-Fertiliser Training Programs give us the opportunity to work with you one-to-one, where we’ll help you understand each step to managing your own Bio-Fertiliser Making System.

SONIC DIY Natural Bio-Fertilisers

We make setting up your own Bio-Fertiliser System straight forward and easy!

Through the training you will discover the methods for natural fermentation using Beneficial Microbes Starter Culture, and understand the exact process we use to make 100% organic Biological Seaweed Fertilisers and Liquid Bio-Mineral Supplements for Livestock.

When you finish the program you will have the experience and know-how, to operate your own Bio-Fertiliser Making System, enabling you to easily and cost effectively have an unlimited supply of 100% natural, fresh, ‘living’ liquid Minerals for your farm.

Automatically Generate Cash Flow by Minimising Fertiliser Costs

Self managed Bio-Fertiliser Making Systems assist farmers to recover from challenging conditions and succeed in farm performance by drastically lowering overhead costs.  Along with improving soil biology, this makes it a great overall enhancing strategy for any farm.

See what Organic Pecan Farmer Geoff says about using the SONIC System for Fish Bio-Fertiliser

Geoff Bugden at Wilson River Pecans has a successful year using his own Fish Bio-Fertiliser, with a pristine leaf analysis test result and saving around $30,000 in a year on fertiliser expenses.

“I make 1000 litres of Fish Fertiliser for just under $500, so you can use as much as you like.  I think it’s doing a fantastic job!  We have had the best year with the most tree stress.”

Geoff Bugden - Wilson River Pecans

Here’s How It Works

1. Strategy Plan

Chat with us to make sure a Bio-Fertiliser Making System will work for you

SONIC Natural Farming

2. Setup Your Station

Get the first session Training and all the ingredients to start a batch of Biological Fertiliser

SONIC Natural Farming

3. Let It Brew

Sit back for 8-10 weeks and let the beneficial microbes turn your brew into Bio-available ‘living’ Liquid Minerals

4. Enjoy

Get your end of batch Training and 100’s litres of fresh Bio-Fertilisers and Bio-Minerals for Livestock to use!

SONIC On Farm Bio-Fertiliser Systems are a cost effective, easy to manage system if you’re into self-sustainable farming.  Organic and regenerative farmers are already discovering its many benefits on the farm.

If you think it’s the kind of system you are looking for, get in touch or book in for a free strategy call.  On the call we can discuss how Bio-Fertilisers might interact with other methods you may be using, and map out a Bio-Fertiliser Making System perfectly suited for you.


SONIC Natural Farming

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We Take the Guess Work out of Building a Bio-Fertiliser Making System on your Farm


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