For the organic livestock farmer who wants to raise healthy animals on natural, cost effective supplements, we believe naturally brewed Liquid Seaweed Bio-available Minerals are at the top of the list, hands down.

We suggested it to our local sheep farmer a few years ago, who went on to use it on their farm and over a short period of time noticed some really positive results.

Warren from Local Dorper Lamb near Byron Bay NSW watched the change after drenching his sheep routinely, saying “the sheep are happier and the worms are cut down by two thirds”.

The other benefit of feeding Liquid Seaweed Bio-Minerals to livestock is that because of the increased beneficial microbes that accumulate in the droppings, spread all over the ground, the soil biology improves and the grass gets stronger and healthier.

Why use Seaweed As A Mineral Supplement?

Seaweed is recommended by farmers, stock breeders and equestrians for one simple reason.  Seaweed has the highest diversity of naturally balanced minerals out of any organic plant.  For example, there are 7 trace minerals cows need, cobalt, copper, iodine, iron, manganese, selenium and zinc, and all of them are found in seaweed.

Studies carried out on the use of seaweed, as part of the food ration for livestock, have established that it provides significant benefit to animal health by the provision of minerals, vitamins, alginate and osmoregulatory compounds called betaines.  These compounds enhance beneficial gut bacteria so that food nutrients are readily absorbed and better utilized.

Dried Seaweed is difficult to digest.  Processing the Seaweed with sugars and SONIC Starter Cultures in a liquid brew solution over time creates a product that is bio-available and easy to uptake for the animal.

4 Reasons why Bio-available Liquid Seaweed Supplements are so GOOD

1. Most livestock mineral supplements are expensive.  SONIC Liquid Supplements for Livestock are made fresh and they are cost effective.

2. Store bought Mineral Supplements are produced for shelf life, which means they generally do not contain living probiotic bacteria.  SONIC Liquid Mineral Supplements for Livestock allows the animal to utilise the Probiotics when they are alive and fresh.

3. When purchasing Supplements it’s often hard to know if they contain synthetic minerals which the gut eventually recognises as unusable and discards.  Nature has already done the work of perfecting the balance of minerals in Seaweed.

4. SONIC Liquid Seaweed Supplements covers livestock mineral requirements, and the beneficial bacteria makes the nutrients in the brew nutritionally optimised.

How does it work?  A Beneficial Microbes Starter Culture is added to activate and balance the brewing process.  Microbes unlock the minerals or biologically activate the minerals in the Seaweed, and the nutrients become easy to absorb by the animal.

Other great benefits of SONIC Seaweed Bio-Minerals are..

  • cost effective
  • increase livestock mineral intake
  • support animal gut health
  • lower the carbon footprint
  • lessen plastic packaging waste

How are Liquid Bio-Minerals used?

The end product is a concentrate, so it is diluted and added to animal feed or water.  See Application Rates and Methods.  It can also be used as an inoculant on hay, as a grain soak (activator) or sprayed on the grazing land.

The short video below shows cattle being introduced to some leftover Seaweed after it was brewed using SONIC methods.

Liquid Seaweed Bio-available Mineral Supplements

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