Traditional natural farming practices are the best because they’re tried and tested.  Making your own Bio-Fertilisers is by far one of the best ways to cut farm costs and self supply 100% organic Fertilisers and or Bio-Mineral Supplements for Livestock.  The method requires only a few ingredients and an age old fermentation process to make.

Not only is it easy to make, but because of the Beneficial Microbes Starter Culture, it produces a ‘living’ Fertiliser that cannot be found on a shop shelf.  A Fertiliser alive with beneficial microbes wants to be in the soil, to balance the soil, transport the best amount of nutrients into the plant, and find the perfect balance for immunity.  Beneficial microbes benefit nature.

Big Savings with On Farm Systems  

A 5 hectare Avocado Farm using the SONIC Bio-Fertiliser Making System has saved over $10k in a year by not having to buy fertilisers.  See Kilburney Farm Case Study.  For the initial cost of a few barrels, the ongoing input costs are so low that they are paying 3/4 less on their previous Fertiliser costs.

Other benefits are..

  • build quality, productive soil
  • work with harmless products
  • use self-sufficient farming practices
  • lower the carbon footprint
  • lessen plastic packaging
  • produce nutrient dense food
  • have a great skill to hand down

Seaweed is the primary ingredient in SONIC Bio-Fertilisers but can be made to order with fish, using the same method, to produce a Fish Hydrolysate Bio-Fertiliser.


Want to Setup your own On Farm Bio-Fertiliser Making System?

With years of experience making cold-processed Fertilisers, and setting up on-site Systems, we can assist you with a tailor made solution perfectly suited to your farming needs.

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