What is Natural Farming?

Natural farming movements have emerged in response to concerns about the environmental impact of modern agricultural methods.

Biodynamics, which began in the 1920’s, is often cited as being the first modern method for a farming system that works with, not against, nature. 

Korean Natural Farming utilise indigenous beneficial microorganisms to enhance the soil fertility and cation exchange capacity, and also working with nature, without the use of chemicals.

As farmers and gardeners, it’s easy for us to be seduced by shiny bottles promising “Miracle Grow”.  But, purchasing synthetic chemicals produced in a factory and transported to industrial sized warehouses is not only expensive, it inevitably produces a massive carbon footprint.

Natural farming is about employing what is on your land, or what grows best on your land, or what you can produce on your land, to be utilised for a number of on farm purposes.  For example, you might grow pigeon peas to be used for mulch (chop and drop), as a nitrogen fixer for the soil, and the new growth tips can be used to make a ‘Growth’ Fertiliser.  Apart from that the peas can also be harvested to eat, making it a good choice that serves multiple uses.

Animals know what is good for them

The chickens (pictured) are enjoying the leftover granulated seaweed after it has been brewed into Bio-Fertiliser or liquid Bio-Supplements for livestock.  The bio-activated seaweed granules are also sprinkled over the gardens, under mulch, as a slow release mineraliser and a natural water crystal from the seaweed’s alganin.

Overall, adopting a natural farming approach, and utilising as much as you can on the farm, enables you to save money, it benefits the land, and protects the natural environment.

Happy ‘natural’ Farming!


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At the end of the day, farming is all about producing food.  Blog author Sonja Kallio writes about supporting farmers and growers to adopt a regenerative approach with growing, to increase the nutrient density of food for a healthy population and a healthy planet.

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