Most people, when they think of fertiliser, screw up their nose.  When I ask people at the market if they want to smell our Seaweed Bio-Fertiliser sample, they are always slightly hesitant.  But… when they smell it, they always smile ..with relief!

It’s true ‘off’ things often smell bad which is how the decomposition process works and how nature helps to bring in the tough bacteria to break the decomposing matter down.

Fertiliser does not have to stink to high heaven to be effective, though.

When we make Bio-Fertiliser we add a Starter Culture of beneficial microorganisms made up of millions of friendly bacteria.  Basically, what they do is eat up the microbes that are responsible for the unpleasant smells.  Because the beneficial microorganisms populate so fast, they take over the decomposition process, speeding up the breakdown of organic material and subsequently, minimise the rotten smells.

DIY BioFertilisers

In fact, when we make a Bio-Fertiliser out of fish, the ‘ready’ indicator is, there is hardly any smell.  You can still tell it is fish in the fertiliser but it doesn’t make you hold your breath and screw up your face.

Odor control on the farm or in the household with Beneficial Microorganisms is something that can provide a rapid solution. It’s also an approach that is cost-effective and friendly to the environment. As beneficial microorganisms do not contain any harmful chemical, using it won’t hurt humans, animals, plants or the environment.

Beneficial Microbes formulas work in an entirely different way than your usual deodoriser.  Instead of covering up the smell with fragrances, the friendly bacteria eliminates the microbes causing the problem.  The friendly bacteria present are cultured ones that won’t damage or harm anything, except for the microbes causing the bad odors.

Beneficial microorganisms are capable of eliminating all sorts of odors, including ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. It also doesn’t matter if the problem is indoors or outdoors. Thanks to the regenerative bacteria, that enhance the power of each other, the effect of it can be long-lasting.

Beneficial Microbes to eliminate odours

SONIC Beneficial Microorganisms

Livestock farmers use it to effectively get rid of odours in the enclosures for their animals. More and more composting facilities and waste water treatment plants are choosing to go the natural way too.

So, if you’ve been put off making your own Bio-Fertilisers because you are worried about the smell, you don’t need to worry.  By using a beneficial microbes Starter Culture you will find the Bio-Fertilisers smell so sweet you would swear you could drink it!!


At the end of the day, farming is all about producing food.  Blog author Sonja Kallio writes about supporting farmers and growers to adopt a regenerative approach with growing, to increase the nutrient density of food for a healthy population and a healthy planet.

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