Bio-Fertilisers & Liquid Bio-Minerals

SONIC Liquid Probiotic Minerals are made using 100% natural beneficial microorganisms through a cold fermentation process.  Natural fermentation, with beneficial microbes, helps to contain all the important amino chains and nutrients in a biologically available state.

Liquid Seaweed Bio-Fertiliser

SONIC DIY Natural Bio-Fertilisers

Naturally fermented Seaweed Fertiliser maintains high nutrient levels requiring only small amounts to achieve good results. 

Seaweed biologically active fertiliser has two really important functions;

  • It stimulates the beneficial microbes that assist plants in their uptake of nutrients.
  • Encourages plants to become stronger and more able to defend themselves from disease, making it good for crop protection as well as plant nutrition.  PLUS..

The mineral profile of seaweed is one of the most diverse you can find!

Benefits of using Seaweed Bio-Fertiliser

  • Stimulates plant growth and immunity
  • Activates and increases soil biologically
  • Restores natural soil fertility
  • Replaces chemical nitrogen and phosphorus
  • Delivers minerals and trace minerals in a naturally balanced ratio
  • Provides protection against drought and some soil borne diseases.

Liquid Probiotic Mineral Supplements for Livestock

Beneficial Microbes to eliminate odours

Liquid Probiotic Seaweed Mineral Supplements for livestock can be safely added to feed or water to increase mineral intake and support the animal’s digestion.

Naturally fermented Liquid Seaweed aids the improvement of beneficial bacteria in the animal’s gut.  The beneficial bacteria help digest the food coming in.  Better digestibility means better nutrient absorption, which means you can raise healthier animals on less feed.

Benefits of using Liquid Probiotic Mineral Supplements for Livestock

  • Probiotic aids the animals digestion
  • Delivers minerals and trace minerals in a naturally balanced ratio
  • Provides protection against worms and gut borne diseases
  • Healthier animal droppings help improve soil biology


Video download with step-by-step instructions and method for making Seaweed Bio-Fertiliser using
SONIC DIY Starter Kit

SONIC DIY Natural Bio-Fertilisers 


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Soil Microbes and Human Health

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