Bio-Fertiliser Making Systems

SONIC Natural farming is a professional Bio-Fertiliser Making business that offers customised Setup & Management Services to suit every regenerative farmer.

With years of experience making cold-processed Fertilisers, and setting up on-farm Systems, you can rest assured knowing that we will produce for you some of the best ‘living’ Fertilisers available.


Bio-Fertiliser On Farm Supply & Management Services
SONIC Natural Farming

Benefits of a SONIC Bio-Fertiliser Station

  • Increase farm profit
  • Eliminate fertiliser delivery costs
  • Remove handling of toxic chemicals
  • Reduce waste of chemical drums
  • Improve and regenerate soil fertility
  • Stimulate pathogen resistance of many crops
  • Grow nutrient dense produce
  • Protect the natural environment

We help farmers relax knowing they are using planet friendly products to build healthy soil and grow nutrient dense food


  • Liquid Seaweed Biological Fertiliser
  • Liquid Seaweed Bio-Supplements for Livestock
  • Liquid Fish Bio-Fertiliser (Hydrolysate)

On Farm Bio-Fertiliser Making Service

  • Installation, materials & raw ingredients
  • Batch Schedules, on-going management
  • Decanting and product storage
    (currently available in NSW, QLD, VIC)

Here’s How It Works


1. Strategy

Chat with us to map out the best system suited to your farm

SONIC Natural Farming

2. Installation

We setup your Bio-Fertiliser Making System and start the first batch

SONIC Natural Farming

3. Brew

We return a few weeks later to start the next batch and decant your product ready for use

Bio-Minerals for Livestock

4. Enjoy

You get to use the best Biological Minerals for your Land and Livestock

Geoff Bugden at Wilson River Pecans has a successful year using SONIC Fish Bio-Fertilisers, with a pristine leaf analysis test result and saving around $30,000 in a year on fertiliser costs.

“I think it’s doing a fantastic job!  We have had the best year with the most tree stress.”

Geoff Bugden - Wilson River Pecans

A SONIC Biological Fertiliser System, on farm, will save you money and fast-track the health of your soil, livestock and produce.  If it’s the kind of System you are looking for book in for a free strategy call, where we can map out the perfect system for you.

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