WIN Liquid Seaweed

Terms and Conditions of Giveaway:

This once a year only giveaway of 180 Litres of Fresh Liquid Seaweed includes delivery within Australia, and commences 2nd April, 2024 from 8am and is drawn on 28th September, 2024 at 1pm AEST.

To be eligible to win, entrants must be permanent residents of Australia and be 18+.  The winners will be announced 28th September at 1pm.  The winner will be drawn at random.  The winner will be contacted via the phone number and email used to enter into the draw.  The winner will be published across all online sites where this promotion is advertised.  If the winner fails to respond and claim their prize, the winner forfeits their prize.  This giveaway is non-transferable.  If the winner cannot claim the prize, they cannot sell it or give it away.  This giveaway is subject to Australian Consumer Law.  

Liquid Seaweed

SONIC Liquid Seaweed for Soil, Crops and Livestock


For Soil, Crops & Livestock

  • Seed Treatment – prepares seeds with beneficial microbes and seaweeds natural growth hormones.
  • Soil Conditionerhelps increase aeration, soil moisture-holding capacity, and nutrient cycling.
  • Soil Mineraliser – offers naturally balanced organic minerals and microelements.
  • Bio-stimulantfeeds and activates beneficial soil microbes.
  • Foliar Spray – coats leaf in beneficial bacteria, leaving no space or food, for pathogens.
  • Livestock Probiotic Minerals – delivers seaweeds balanced nutrients with natural probiotics to optimise digestion.

Biological Products Storage

SONIC Biological Products are best used within 3-6 months for maximum benefits. 
Do not store in diluted form.

See Suggested Rates and Methods.

SONIC Biological Fertiliser