Our mission here at SONIC Natural Farming is to nurture health and protect the living environment for future generations. 

We produce 100% safe solutions for the benefit of your farm, family, community and the environment.  Alongside that, we consider all the possible impacts on the community, from product development to production, use and disposal, and we ensure that standards of real regeneration are being met.



SONIC Natural Farming

Fertiliser production consumes approximately 1.2% of the world’s energy and is responsible for approximately 1.2% of the total emission of the greenhouse gas emissions. 

Theoretically, global energy consumption by the fertiliser industry can be reduced by almost 40% and the greenhouse gas emissions by almost 60% through implementing new technology. 

SONIC DIY Bio-Fertiliser Making Systems

SONIC On Farm Bio-Fertiliser Systems are completely non toxic.  Farms using this System substantially minimise chemical usage, single-use plastics and transportation impacts, taking a big step forward in lowering the global carbon footprint.


Compost Activator & Accelerator

SONIC Biological Solutions for Soil & Livestock are made with all Australian, natural ingredients and use a cold processing method to capture all the amino chains and nutrients in a bio-available state.

Because our Biological Solutions are produced and supplied fresh, the healthy biology remains intact, and they get to be used, at the most optimal time, for the best results.


Bio-Fertilisers Organic


Whichever way you look at it, it’s up to the individual to make a change toward protecting the planet.

Our business model contributes to a positive change in the following ways;

– The Producer takes responsibility by producing harmless products, supplying regionally, and reusing plastic containers.

– The Farmer takes responsibility by self-supplying, eliminating product transportation, plastics, pollution and by reducing chemical inputs.

– The Retailer takes responsibility by offering a SONIC Refill & Reuse Station to their customers.

– The Consumer takes responsibility by making the effort to return the plastic containers to refill or reuse.Refill and Save

Everyone gets an opportunity to contribute and benefit.

Bio-Fertiliser Seaweed Organic

Contact us for wholesale information to stock, locally produced & supplied, SONIC Refill Station.

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DIY Natural Bio-Fertilisers

Managing on farm Bio-Fertiliser Systems is a service we offer farmers, to ensure freshness of the product, as well as to eliminate delivery costs  and minimise single-use plastics.

SONIC Producers are fully certified, and equipped with the know-how, to produce, supply and serve their own local community, from the home gardener up to the large scale farmer, with fresh SONIC Biological Solutions.

SONIC Production Managers setup and maintain SONIC On Farm Bio-Fertiliser Making Systems, self supplying farmers with fresh biologically active solutions.

Regional Producer – Sellers make and sell SONIC Biological Solutions to their local farmers, rural suppliers, garden shops and landscape supplies.

Seaweed Bio-Fertiliser


Minimise Product Transportation


We aim to minimise carbon emissions from transport by producing & selling Locally Made

SONIC Refill System


We save farmers time and money with our On Farm Bio-Fertiliser Supply and Management Service

Refill Bio-Fertiliser


We offer an In Store option where returned empty containers are REFILLED or REUSED