Liquid Seaweed Supplements for Livestock 20 Litres


Concentrate Nutrient Solution with Probiotics for Livestock
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FRESH Brewed SONIC Liquid Seaweed Supplements for Livestock are made with 100% natural Australian ingredients and is ideal for dairy and beef cattle, horses, calves, sheep, goats, deer, pigs, poultry, dogs and cats.

SONIC Brews undergo a cold processing method using SONIC BOOM Starter Culture, which makes the minerals become bio-available.  Probiotic Minerals improve intestinal health by rebalancing the flora, which in turn aids in better digestion of nutrients.

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Seaweed is rich in nutritional content and contains numerous essential minerals, trace elements and amino acids, including vitamins A, B1 and E, copper, cobalt, magnesium and iron.

SONIC Natural Farming use 100% Australian, ethically harvested Seaweed.

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