DIY Seaweed Bio-Fertiliser Starter Kit 200


KIT to make 200 Litres Biologically active Seaweed Fertiliser
(excl. GST)

Starter Kit 1000 is available to those who have completed the SONIC Natural Farming Bio-Fertiliser Online Tutorial or On-farm Training Program.

Note; Starter Kit does not contain all the ingredients required to make Seaweed Bio-Fertiliser.
Kit includes;

SONIC Seaweed is an entirely 100% organic Australian seaweed, harvested from clean, unpolluted waters, then naturally air dried and pulverised. It is rich in nutritional containing over 50 essential, naturally-balanced trace elements, minerals and amino acids, including vitamins A, B1 and E, copper, cobalt, magnesium and iron.

SONIC Starter Culture is used to encourage and keep the balance of the ‘beneficial’ bacteria throughout the brewing process, discouraging bad odour and putrification. It also ‘amplifies’ the nutrient content by making minerals bio available. Read more about Starter Culture.

- Improved moisture retention
- Reduced soil erosion
- Improved nutrient absorption
- Plant protection against pathogens and insects
Read more about Bio-Fertilisers

Starter Kit 1000 also available

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