Everyone has a different mechanism for coping when it comes to stressful situations, however stress is usually always a result of over thinking.  It is true that we cannot control or stop our thoughts, but we can change the relationship we have with them.

Let’s take a look at some of the things in our life that we can control.

1.  We are in control of the content of what we allow into our nervous system.  For example if the radio news or television news is on, all the time, then that is what we are feeding into our nervous system, which will go on to play as a loop in our mental environment.  Sometimes we think we are impervious to the internal and external ‘chatter’ but on a physiological level these things are constantly impacting our system.  Stress lowers the optimal functioning of the immune system.  Try listening to constructive, legitimate news, as opposed to consistent drama.

2.  We are in control of what thoughts we listen to.  It’s a choice to listen to our thoughts and entertain them.  If they are not valid or true thoughts we can also, just as easily, choose to ignore them!  This involves simply looking at the unreality of the thought’s content or replacing the thought with something true and positive.

3.  The breath.  Conscious breathing is a powerful way to calm the nervous system.

Exercise: Take a normal breath in, breath out steadily and slowly then hold the outbreath (you can count if you like) until you get a slight air hunger then take a normal breath in again and keep repeating.

Using this method of conscious breathing allows the nervous system to naturally relax and very rapidly.  It will calm the body and mind with each sustained outbreath.  It will also enable more awareness to be brought to the present moment which will assist in making better decisions and conscious choices.

4.  Water consumption.  Water is the most important thing to ingest, particularly while enduring stress.  Pure, non-chlorinated water will help flush the body of chemicals and stressors.  Try drink at least 1-2 litres of pure water every day.

5.  Eat nutrient dense food.  The fuel we feed our body is of utmost importance.  Local fresh food enables us to eat foods with a higher life force helping to contribute to better immunity.  This may also include growing our own vegetable gardens, herbs and even something as simple as green lettuce in pots on our verandah.  An added bonus of eating nutrient dense food is the body gets it’s needed minerals and doesn’t then need to fill up or eat as much.

6.  Take time for self-reflection.  Finding a silent place daily to reflect on our own internal world can do wonders for the nervous system.  This gives us the space to observe our self talk and make amendments where necessary so that our focus is positive, calm and productive.

Stress is a normal physiological response so that we know whether to run away or fight.  In order to reduce the negative or harmful impact of too much stress, ie if it is affecting your relationships or family, it requires a level of humility, self care and adopting a simple lifestyle.  Simplicity breeds Peace.

Stay calm,




SonjaAt the end of the day, farming is all about producing food.  Blog author Sonja Kallio writes about how we can adopt a regenerative approach with growing, to increase the nutrient density of food for a healthy population and a healthy planet.

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