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We are excited to partner with NSW Farmers Farm Card Member Benefits Program. As a trusted voice for farmers in New South Wales, Australia, NSW Farmers advocacy and support are invaluable to the farming community, making sure the farmers message gets from ‘paddock to Parliament’.

Through this partnership, as a NSW Farmers Member, you will get to unlock exclusive offers from special discounts and savings, to enhance your farming practices and optimise your agricultural operations.

SONIC On-Farm Production sends qualified Production Operators out to set up and operate a seamless process right on your farm. From System installation to ingredient delivery, processing, and maintenance, SONIC has got your Biological Fertiliser production covered, every step of the wayRead About On-Farm Production

NSW Farmers

Exclusive Offers for NSW Farmers Members

  • 5% off* Initial Deposit  

Unlock huge cost-saving benefits for your farm with a SONIC On-Farm Biological Fertiliser Production System. Take advantage of this exclusive discount and get 5% off the initial 20% deposit, as a NSW Farmers Member,  for 1 year production and supply.


  • Free* Drone Sequence Imaging (value $1,500+)

For On-Farm Production customers, SONIC Natural Farming offer high-quality drone footage of your farm, captured by fully licensed drone operators. This 100% free to NSW Farmer Members offer provides invaluable ‘birds-eye view’ updates of your land, cataloging progress and changes over a full year.

*Offers valid for Sonic Natural Farming On-Farm Production. Offers are non-transferable and are subject to change. Limit of 1 discount option per customer. Not valid for re-sellers and/or online auctions. All orders are subject to approval and acceptance by Sonic Natural Farming. Copyright: ©2023 Sonic Natural Farming Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.

SONIC Liquid Seaweed Biological Fertiliser, Liquid Fish Hydrolysate Fertiliser and Liquid Seaweed Probiotic Minerals for Livestock are produced made to order or directly on-farm, tailored to meet your specific farming goals.  Fully operated Systems starting from 2,160L per year.  For a customised quote, give us a call on 0423 139 578 or please submit the following form.

On-Farm Production Quote Request
for NSW Farmer Members

Quote Request NSWF Discount
Product(s) of Interest
Minimum On-Farm Production qty is 2,160L/yr
NSW Farmer Member Discount Option
Biological Fertiliser
Biological Fertiliser On-Farm Production
Liquid Seaweed Feed Supplement

Seaweed Biological Fertiliser 100% Organic


Liquid Seaweed Supplements for Livestock


Fish Hydrolysate 100% Organic


The Future of Sustainable Soil Care

Biologically ‘Alive’ Liquid Fertiliser for Building Soil Biology

Cost Saving Bulk Supply Options

Biological Fertiliser processed by Qualified Operators directly On-Farm

Environmentally Friendly

Biological Fermentation using 100% organic ingredients

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