Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I source Pickle Barrels?

Local farm suppliers sometimes stock them, if they don’t, they may be able to order them in for you.  Alternatively check online.


What are the minimum quantities for on farm SONIC Brewing Systems?

We provide Fertiliser Brewing Services for farms that need to produce around 600 Litres of concentrate liquid to use approximately every 6-8 weeks. 

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Can SONIC Brewing Systems produce other Fertilisers?

Yes.  We can produce naturally fermented Fertilisers made out of fish (high nitrogen) and herbs such as nettle (high multi-mineral), comfrey (high calcium), lemongrass (high silica) and bananas (high potassium).


Is Seaweed Fertiliser the same as Seaweed Tea?

No.  Seaweed Tea is made by soaking seaweed and allowing a natural decomposition to occur.  Bio-Fertilisers are made using a beneficial microbial solution to activate and keep the balance of good bacteria.


Can I use SONIC Fertiliser with other things like Biodynamic Preps?

SONIC Mineral Solutions are 100% natural, and can safely mix with any other natural farming inputs.  NOTE: They will not be effective if mixed with synthetic, urea or chemical based products.

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