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Where do I source Pickle Barrels?

Local farm suppliers may stock them, if they don’t, they may be able to order them in for you.  Alternatively look online and see if anyone is selling them in your local area.


Can I make liquid Fertilisers in larger containers?

Yes, you can make Natural Bio-Fertilisers in 1000 litre IBC Containers. 


What can I do if my fertiliser goes bad?

As an entirely natural product, if it goes bad you can still use it in your compost.


Is Seaweed Fertiliser the same as Seaweed Tea?

A Seaweed Tea is made by soaking seaweed and allowing the natural decomposition to occur.  Bio-Fertilisers are made through a cold process using a beneficial microbial solution to keep the balance of favorable  bacteria.


Can I use DIY Bio-Fertilisers with other things like Biodynamic Preps?

SONIC Bio-Minerals are 100% natural, and can safely mix with any other natural farming methods.  They will not mix with synthetic or chemical based products because these damage the living microbes.


Can I make Fertiliser from different things?

Yes, using SONIC DIY Bio-Fertiliser Making System you can make a Bio-Fertiliser out of fish, herbs such as nettle, comfrey, lemongrass and even banana skins and fruit.

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