Frequently Asked Questions


Is Seaweed Fertiliser the same as Seaweed Tea?

No.  Seaweed Tea is made by soaking seaweed and allowing a natural decomposition to occur.  Bio-Fertilisers are made using a beneficial microbial solution to activate and keep the balance of good bacteria.


Where do SONIC provide On-Site Production Services?

SONIC Services aim to cover most regions Australia-wide.  Quotes are calculated according to site location and availability.


What are the minimum quantities for SONIC On-Site Production

We provide On-Site Fertiliser Brewing Systems for farms that require a minimum of 3600 Litres of liquid concentrate per year.  We also cater for farm cooperatives.

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Can I use SONIC Fertiliser with other things like Biodynamic Preps?

SONIC Mineral Solutions are 100% natural, and can safely mix with any other natural farming inputs.  NOTE: They will not be as effective if mixed with synthetic, urea or chemical based products.


Can SONIC Brewing Systems produce other Fertilisers?

Yes.  We can produce naturally fermented Fertilisers made out herbs such as nettle (high multi-mineral), comfrey (high calcium), lemongrass (high silica) and bananas (high potassium).

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