Biological Fertilisers

SONIC Made-to-Order Liquid Fish and Seaweed Biological Fertiliser and Livestock Supplements are crafted from 100% organic Australian ingredients. Our cold fermentation method ensures that all minerals and trace elements remain in a bioavailable state, preserving their full nutritional value.

Access fresh Liquid Biological Fertilisers shipped Australia-wide, ensuring biologically ‘alive’ products for maximum results.

Our made-to-order products, starting from 180L, are supplied direct, helping you avoid intermediary markups.

Bio-Fertiliser Production System

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At SONIC Natural Farming, we’re dedicated to helping farmers save big!

Our On-Farm Production Services drastically cut down on transportation costs, putting more money back in your pocket. Plus, by reusing packaging on the farm, we reduce plastic waste and packaging expenses, offering you even greater savings.

But that’s not all—our expert Training Packages empower you to produce your own Biological Fertiliser, making it the most unbeatable and cost-effective solution in the Australian organic fertiliser market today.

Experience unparalleled savings and sustainability with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

What regions do you service?

Product delivery and On-Farm Production Services are available to farmers Australia-wide.

How does your Liquid Seaweed and Fish Biological Fertiliser improve soil health compared to traditional fertilisers?

Our Liquid Seaweed and Fish Biological Fertiliser products are designed to significantly boost soil microbial activity and provide essential nutrients to soil microbes. By enriching the soil microbiome, our fertilisers enhance the natural processes that support plant health and soil fertility. This makes our products an excellent fit for regenerative farming practices such as low till, rotational grazing, and cover cropping. These practices aim to maintain and improve soil structure, reduce erosion, and enhance water retention, creating an environment where soil microbes can thrive. Together, our fertilisers and regenerative farming practices work synergistically to create a sustainable and productive farming ecosystem.

What specific benefits can I expect from using your Biofertilisers on my crops?

By using our Liquid Fish and Seaweed Biofertilisers on your crops, you can expect several specific benefits:

  1. Enhanced Resilience: Most farmers notice that their crops become more resilient, bouncing back more effectively from climatic stressors such as drought, heat, or heavy rains.
  2. Stronger Growth and Immunity: You’ll observe stronger growth and improved immunity in your plants, making them less susceptible to diseases and pests.
  3. Increased Nutritional Value: Our Biofertilisers help increase the brix levels, or the nutritional value, of your crops, leading to healthier and more nutritious produce.
  4. Improved Photosynthesis: Your plants will photosynthesise better, which means more efficient energy production and overall healthier plants.

Are your Biofertiliser products environmentally friendly, and do they support sustainable farming practices?

Yes, our Biofertiliser products are environmentally friendly and support sustainable farming practices. We use 100% Australian-sourced natural ingredients, including organic seaweed (kelp) and fish waste from processing that would otherwise end up in landfill. By utilizing these valuable resources, we contribute to reducing waste and promoting sustainability. Our seaweed is harvested from the shores, not the ocean, and dried naturally. It is NASA-certified organic, ensuring top-quality and eco-friendly standards. We do not add synthetic minerals, additives, or preservatives, and we supply our products fresh for maximum benefits. This approach aligns perfectly with sustainable farming practices, providing both environmental and agricultural advantages.

How long does it take to see results after applying your Liquid Seaweed and Fish Biofertilisers?

The timeframe for seeing results after applying our Liquid Seaweed and Fish Biofertilisers can vary depending on what you’re applying it to and the current condition of your soil. Many farmers notice a difference in their crops within 24 hours, observing initial signs of improved plant vitality. For pasture improvement, changes are often seen during seeding, with faster germination and early growth marked by stronger growth and enhanced immunity. Orchard farmers typically notice tastier yields and longer shelf life of their produce as the season progresses. Overall, the benefits of our biofertiliser are evident relatively quickly and continue to enhance crop health over time.

How does SONIC Natural Farming differ from other fertiliser suppliers?

SONIC Natural Farming stands apart by manufacturing products – made to order – and supplying direct to customer within days of production.  This ensures the delivery of fresher, more potent biologicals to farmers and growers. This freshness translates into live, active beneficial microbes ready to optimise farm performance, rather than risking diminished effectiveness due to uncertain storage conditions.

Can you explain the cost savings associated with producing Biofertiliser on my farm versus buying commercial fertilisers?

Producing Biological Fertilisers on your farm with our system offers significant cost savings compared to buying commercial fertilisers. Firstly, you’ll eliminate shipping costs entirely, which can be substantial, especially for large quantities. Additionally, by reusing packaging and fermentation containers, you save on the costs of plastic packaging and storage containers. This not only reduces your expenses but also supports environmentally sustainable practices. Overall, SONIC On-Farm Production helps you cut down on multiple costs while providing fresh, high-quality Liquid Fish and Seaweed Biofertilisers for your crops.

How does the SONIC On-Farm Production System work, and what does the setup process involve?

The SONIC On-Farm Production System offers two flexible options to suit your needs:

  1. Fully Operated System: Our team visits your farm at interval stages over one year to produce biofertilisers in batches for you. This hassle-free option ensures consistent, high-quality production without requiring your direct involvement.

  2. Combined System with Training: We start with producing the first batch together and provide 1:1 training so you can continue running the system yourself. This empowers you to maintain production independently while still benefiting from our expertise.

In both options, we assist with the installation and setup of the fermentation system on your farm. We provide all necessary ingredients to produce Fish Hydrolysate and Seaweed Biofertiliser, as well as our Probiotic Liquid Seaweed Livestock Supplement. This comprehensive support ensures you have everything needed to boost your farm’s productivity and sustainability.

Can your Biological Fertiliser Production System be customised to meet the specific needs of my farm and crops?

Yes, our On-Farm Biological Fertiliser Production System can be customised to meet the specific needs of your farm and crops. Each farm is unique, so we tailor the production schedule to align with your specific spray regime and requirements. Click here to get a tailored quote and see how we can best support your farm’s success.

What kind of training do you provide for operating the SONIC On-Farm Biofertiliser Production System?

We provide comprehensive training for operating the SONIC DY On-Farm Biofertiliser Production System by combining hands-on experience with the production of an initial batch right on your farm. This 1:1 training ensures that you gain practical knowledge and real-time learning, allowing you to confidently run the system at scale.

What kind of ongoing support do you offer after the initial setup and training of the On-Farm Production System?

After the initial setup and training of the On-Farm Production System, we offer ongoing support to ensure your success. This includes:

  • Ongoing Phone Support: We’re just a call away to help with any questions or issues you might encounter.
  • Scheduling Management (optional): We can assist with managing your production schedule to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Raw Ingredients Supply: We provide essential supplies such as SONIC BOOM Starter Culture and Dried Seaweed to keep your production going without a hitch.

Our support is designed to make your On-Farm Biofertiliser Production as efficient and effective as possible.

Do Biological Fertiliser products have a shelf life?

To ensure you get the best possible results from your SONIC Biological products, we advise following the recommended usage window of 3-6 months from the batch date. This will allow you to take full advantage of the products’ peak biological performance and get the most value from your investment.

Use and Storage Information (download).

Can expired Biofertiliser still be used, and what are the consequences?

While using expired or ‘off’ biological fertilisers may not necessarily benefit plants, it also does not pose a significant risk to them. A consequence of using expired biological fertiliser is experiencing a strong, foul odour.  Expired biological fertiliser can be safely discarded by burying in the ground or in a compost pile.

How fresh are the Biological products produced by your On-Farm System, and how does this affect their effectiveness?

The Biological products produced by our On-Farm System are exceptionally fresh, tailored to produce batches that match your needs precisely and when you need them. This approach ensures optimal effectiveness as biological products are most potent when used fresh, particularly for enhancing soil microbes. By producing on-farm, you receive the freshest possible Bioloical Fertilisers, maximising their impact on soil health and crop vitality.

Liquid Biological Fertiliser

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