Find Out How To Improve Soil Biology
And Increase Profitability On Your Farm

SONIC Natural Farming help growers and farmers to improve soil biology with the use of fresh liquid Bio-Fertilisers and Bio-Mineral Supplements for Livestock

Following the essence of biologically-based natural farming, here you will discover the fascinating world of the hidden workforce that often determines the profitability and productivity of any farming enterprise.

On this site you can find out how to increase the efficiency of liquid fertilisers and reduce the need for expensive farm chemicals.  Plus, you can learn the many benefits of microbial inoculums and the production method for making inexpensive, living Biological Fertilisers.

“Since we started making and applying these natural fertilisers we’ve reduced our labour time and running costs, and seen nothing but happy healthy trees.”

Jake - Kilburney Avocado Farm

SONIC Liquid Bio-Fertilisers contain beneficial microorganisms that help transform all the nutrients into a biologically available state

Soil improvement, through regenerative farming, is fast becoming the way of the future as farmers, and consumers, realise the negative impact of chemicals on the land and in the food chain.

If you’re a regenerative farmer, or looking to transition to regenerative farming practices, a DIY Bio-Fertiliser Making System can provide a natural, cost effective way to accelerate soil biology and optimise the health of your livestock.  Read more about Bio-Fertilisers.

Soil Building

A Bio-Fertiliser Making System may be right for you if you want to..

  • save on fertiliser expenses
  • build healthy soil biology
  • work with harmless products
  • use self-sufficient soil care practices
  • lower the carbon footprint
  • produce nutrient dense food
  • have a great skill to hand down

Discover how to build a Bio-Fertiliser Making System
customised for your land, operation and goals

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