Biological Solutions for Soil & Livestock


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  • 100% Organic 
  • Safe & Sustainable 

Biological, or ‘living’ Fertilisers help to build soil fertility, enabling crops to maintain good health and immunity without the need for artificial inputs

Chemical fertilisers negatively impact the natural environment.  Today we see excess nitrogen seep into our waterways, blotting out sea life, and heavy emissions of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 300 times more potent than carbon, from the manufacture of synthetic nitrogen.  

Farm trials have proven that by shifting to regenerative practices, using natural Biological Fertilisers, farmers can reduce their reliance on synthetic inputs, improve soil quality and protect the environment. 

SONIC Bio-Fertiliser Systems give farmers access to an on-going supply of naturally fermented Bio-Fertilisers, made fresh on the farm

Are you a regenerative farmer using volumes of organic concentrated Bio-Fertilisers and or Liquid Bio-Supplements for Livestock?

With SONIC On Farm Systems you get to use 100% organic, environmentally friendly, Biological Solutions to help raise healthy livestock on less feed, and improve soil biology naturally, all at a fraction of the cost.

Benefits of having a SONIC On Farm Bio-Fertiliser System

  • Increase farm profit
  • Pay no fertiliser delivery costs
  • Remove handling and use of toxic chemicals
  • Reduce waste of chemical drums
  • Improve and regenerate soil fertility
  • Stimulate pathogen resistance of many crops
  • Grow nutrient dense produce
  • Protect the natural environment

By using a SONIC Bio-Fertiliser System, following our customised programs, you’ll get to see the accumulative benefits that organic Biological inputs can bring

Bio-Fertilisers Soil Fertility

Here’s How It Works


1. Strategy

Chat with us to map out the best system suited to your farm

SONIC Natural Farming

2. Installation

We setup your Bio-Fertiliser Making System and start the first batch

SONIC Natural Farming

3. Brew

Your product brews.  When ready we return to start the next batch and decant ready for use

Bio-Minerals for Livestock

4. Enjoy

Your Land and Livestock get the benefits of FRESH Biological Minerals

The Proof is in the Paddock

“Since we started applying these natural fertilisers we’ve reduced our labour time and running costs, and seen nothing but happy healthy trees.”

Jake - Kilburney Avocado Farm

“The sheep are healthy and happy.  The worms are cut down by two thirds and the grass is richer and stronger.”

Warren - Local Dorper Lamb

Geoff Bugden at Wilson River Pecans has a successful year using Bio-Fertilisers, with a pristine leaf analysis test, and saving around $30,000 on fertiliser costs.

“I think it’s doing a fantastic job!  We have had the best year with the most tree stress.”

Geoff Bugden - Wilson River Pecans

We're Ready to Help You Improve Your Soil, Naturally

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