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Eco-Friendly Production

Save Time and Resources with Innovative
On-Farm Production Options

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Reduce Carbon Emissions using Sustainable
Biofertiliser Production


Boost soil fertility and enhance plant health with Biologically Activated Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser and Fish Hydrolysate.

Biological Fertiliser and Livestock Feed Supplements


*Allow up to 10 weeks for processing from time of order to enable maximum shelf-life and biological integrity.


Biologically Fermented Fertilisers deliver a number of soil and plant health benefits;

  • Suits a diverse range of crops, from seed to orchards.
  • Speedy and efficient nutrient delivery.
  • Stimulates beneficial soil microbes and fungi.

*SONIC Natural Farming Products contain no artificial additives, fillers or preservatives.  Produced using sustainably sourced all natural Australian ingredients.


  • Use for seed inoculation, and as a seedling soak to eliminate transplant shock
  • Apply as a foliar spray for orchards, vineyards, pasture cropping, lawns, and broad acre applications
  • Use Biological Fertiliser as soil drench, for building soil fertility
  • Administer Liquid Seaweed Supplement to Livestock for minerals and to improve digestion
Liquid Biological Fertiliser Spray Methods

“Since we started using SONIC Biological Fertilisers, in 2018, we’ve reduced our running costs, and seen nothing but happy healthy avocado trees.”

Jake - Kilburney Farm, NSW, Australia

Spray-free avocados


seaweed biological fertiliser


Minerals and trace elements from ocean rich sources

soil microorganisms


Probiotic cultures for promoting biological activity

Amino Chains


Chelated minerals, trace elements and amino chains

Water soluble fertilisers


Easy to uptake minerals for soil, plants and microbes

Farmers today are taking a fresh look at soil management, whether it is to sequester carbon, for environmental reasons, or to grow more resilient crops, either way, healthy soil is under the spotlight.

“There’s a lot of nutrients available in the ocean that are not available on the continent of Australia. We can bring them back by using things like fish hydrolysate and seaweed fertiliser.”

Tom - Mirum Creek Organics, NSW, Australia

Certified organic garlic, ginger, turmeric and lemongrass


Access SONIC Biological Fertilisers direct to farm, with products Made to Order, or produced through a SONIC On-Farm Production System.

Farm based production offers farmers a secure schedule, system setup and fresh batches of Biological Fertiliser and Liquid Seaweed Mineral Supplements, made by qualified Production Operators.

TOP 8 BENEFITS: SONIC On-Farm Production Services

1. Tap into Eco-Friendly Products and Production

SONIC’s fully operated, eco-friendly Production Systems do not generate any harmful by-products or pollution. One of the key components of this system is the use of entirely natural ingredients instead of chemical or synthetic ones. These fertilisers are derived from natural ocean sources of seaweed (kelp) and fish (leftover from processing). They provide essential nutrients to plants while also improving soil health and fertility.  Read More.

2. Get Fresh 'Living' Biological Fertiliser

Localised and On-Farm Production of biologically activated natural fertilisers offers numerous benefits to farmers including greater control over product freshness.  Unlike commercially produced fertilisers, that may have a longer shelf life due to the addition of preservatives, SONIC Biological Fertilisers are most effective when used soon after they have finished processing. This ensures that the microorganisms are at their peak activity, maximising their effectiveness in promoting healthy soil and plant growth.  Read More.

3. Unlock Buk Supply Cost Savings

One of the key benefits of utilising a SONIC On-Farm Production System, is cost savings. By having Liquid Biological Fertilisers produced on-site, farmers can significantly reduce input expenses compared to purchasing commercial fertilisers.  With SONIC On-Farm Production, farmers can avoid the retail price and transportation of commercial products and instead pay a significantly lower price.  Read More.

4. Eliminate Product Delivery Costs

Traditional supply chains often involve long-distance transportation of fertiliser products from manufacturing facilities to distribution centers, and then to retailers or directly to farmers.  This transportation process incurs additional expenses in terms of fuel, logistics, and handling fees. However, by having Biological Fertilisers produced locally, or on-farm, farmers can eliminate or significantly reduce these costs.  Read More.

5. Access Useful By-Products from Processing

SONIC fully operated On-Farm Production Systems and Services are designed to produce no harmful by-products or pollution, making them an environmentally conscious choice for farmers.  One of the key benefits of these fermentation systems is their ability to provide useful by-products that can be utilised on the farm in a number of beneficial ways.  Read More.

6. Reduce Single-Use Plastic Container Waste

SONIC On-Farm Production Services play a significant role in addressing the issue of plastic packaging waste. One way they contribute to reducing this waste is through recycling containers used on-farm. Because these natural fertilisers are made from organic materials and are not harmful, the storage and fermentation containers can be washed and reused.  Read More.

7. Save Time and Optimise Efficiency

SONIC On-Farm Production offers a comprehensive solution for farmers by covering all aspects of boots on the ground operation.  One key benefit of this system is the customised schedule, which contributes greatly to enhancing efficiency in the production and on-farm use of these fresh Biological Fertilisers.  Read More.

8. Quality Assurance, Guaranteed

When it comes to Biological Fertilisers, farmers can find peace of mind with SONIC Natural Farming. With over 10 years of experience in producing these natural fertilisers, we fully guarantee consistent and high-quality products, every time.  Read More.

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Activated with beneficial microbes, used as a soil builder, conditioner, and fertiliser for long-term crop resilience.

Liquid Seaweed Kelp Minerals



Provides bio-available minerals and trace elements for boosting beneficial microbe populations in the soil.

Liquid Fish Hydrolysate Fertiliser




Made using natural probiotic cultures, delivering easy to uptake, organic mineral nutrition.

Liquid Seaweed Kelp Minerals