Biological Fertiliser

Skill up and make your own Biologically ‘Alive’ Liquid Fish and Seaweed Biofertiliser

  • 1:1 Hands-on Training 
  • Ingredients & Materials Supplied
  • Multiple Cost Savings

Take control of your Biological Fertiliser needs with our Production and Training Packages, designed to guide you through the process of On-Farm Production, ensuring you have the knowledge and resources to become completely self-sufficient and successful in the art of Biological Fermentation.

Biological Solutions For The Self-Sufficient Farmer

Biofertiliser Production and Training

Gain valuable practical skills through direct involvement in the production process. With SONIC Production and Training Packages you not only learn about biological fermentation theoretically, and operating a system at scale, but get to cover all essential aspects required for efficient production on-farm.

Eliminate some of the high expenses associated with product acquisition and transportation with our Production and Training Packages, custom designed to provide the most cost-effective solution available on the market today.


By investing in our Production and Training Package, you get to access fresh products, while enhancing your capabilities in producing premium Biological Fertiliser.  Packages start from 540L, combined products, with a minimum of 2 one-to-one training sessions.

Our goal is to equip you with the supplies, knowledge and skills necessary to successfully produce, store, and apply Liquid Biofertilisers on your farm


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Biological Fertiliser Production


What products and services do you offer?

We specialise in producing 100% naturally fermented Fish Hydrolysate Fertiliser, Liquid Seaweed Biological Fertiliser, and Seaweed Mineral Supplements for Livestock, activated with beneficial microbes.

Our services are tailored to meet individual needs and include custom scheduled bulk suppy options, On-Farm Production and Production and Training Packages.

How does SONIC differ from other fertiliser suppliers?

While industry standards often feature multi-year shelf lives, these extended durations might compromise the efficacy of these ‘living’ biological products due to potential mishandling or degradation over time.

SONIC Natural Farming stands apart by manufacturing products – made to order – and supplying direct to customer within days of production.  This ensures the delivery of fresher, more potent biologicals to farmers and growers. This freshness translates into live, active beneficial microbes ready to optimise farm performance, rather than risking diminished effectiveness due to uncertain storage conditions.

Where is your company located?

SONIC Natural Farming head office is located in Bellingen, NSW.  Biofertiliser production stations are situated in Dorrigo and Somersby, NSW.  Australia-wide shipping is available.  Product pickup is currently available from Dorrigo and Somersby, NSW, Australia.

Which regions do you service with your biological fertilisers?

Product delivery and on-farm production services are available Australia-wide.

What are the key features of SONIC biological fertiliser products?

SONIC traditionally cold fermented biological products offer a unique solution to enhance soil health, plant growth and vitality. Going beyond organic certification, they contain no additives, preservatives or synthetic chemicals.

Manufactured and supplied fresh, these biological solutions are the result of a meticulous fermentation process. This allows them to deliver a potent concentration of beneficial microbes, enzymes, and other naturally occurring compounds.

By inoculating soil and plants with these living, dynamic microbial communities, growers can support overall ecosystem balance and resilience. The diverse range of microorganisms work synergistically to improve nutrient cycling, suppress pathogens, and stimulate healthy root development.

What are the benefits of producing biological fertilisers on-farm?

1. Tap into Eco-Friendly Products and Production
2. Get Fresh ‘Living’ Biological Fertiliser
3. Unlock Buk Supply Cost Savings
4. Eliminate Product Delivery Costs
5. Access Useful By-Products from Processing
6. Reduce Single-Use Plastic Container Waste
7. Save Time and Optimise Efficiency

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How do biofertilisers differ from chemical fertilisers in terms of price?

Biological fertilisers offer long-term benefits including improved soil structure, increased microbial activity, and sustainable nutrient cycling. This means a decrease in fertiliser inputs over time, as the ecosystem naturally restores to balance.

Chemical fertilisers are manufactured synthetically and provide a quick release of nutrients to plants. They are often cheaper upfront but can lead to soil degradation over time due to nutrient imbalances, lack of organic minerals, and a decrease in soil microbial diversity.

In terms of price comparison, the long-term benefits and sustainability factors associated with biological fertilisers often outweigh any initial cost difference.

Do you offer discounts for bulk quantity orders?

Yes, bulk supply discounts apply for 180L+ made to order products. Farm-based production services . On-Farm Production Services offer the best value with a number of cost savings benefits, starting from 2,160L+ of combined products, scheduled in fresh batches over an entire year. On-Farm Production and Training Packages starts from 540L.

Are your on-farm production schedules flexible?

Yes, we can adjust scheduled production dates as required.

What quantities of biological fertiliser do you sell?

Discounted supply sizes start from 180L per product, 360L, 540L, 720L, 900L, 1,980L+.  On-farm Production supply quantities start from 2,160L/yr to 25,000L+ and are custom scheduled to suit, while On-Farm Production and Training Packages start from 540L of combined products.

Do biological fertiliser products have a shelf life?

For optimal results, we recommend using SONIC Biological products within 3-6 months from the batch date. These products are designed to provide maximum biological activity and effectiveness when used within this timeframe.

If stored in cool conditions, SONIC Biological products can still be used for up to 12 months, but may gradually lose some of their biological activity over time. This is due to the natural degradation of the active ingredients.

To ensure you get the best possible results from your SONIC Biological products, we advise following the recommended usage window of 3-6 months from the batch date. This will allow you to take full advantage of the products’ peak biological performance and get the most value from your investment.

Use and Storage Information (download).

Can expired biofertiliser still be used, and what are the consequences?

It is advisable to prioritise the use of fresh and active biofertilisers by storing them in a cool place. The effectiveness of biological fertiliser may be compromised once it has expired.

While using expired or ‘off’ biological fertilisers may not necessarily benefit plants, it also does not pose a significant risk to them. A consequence of using expired biological fertiliser is experiencing a strong, foul odor.  Expired biological fertiliser can be safely discarded by burying in the ground or in a compost pile.

How do I contact customer service or support?

Enquiries are welcome anytime from Monday to Friday between 9am – 5pm AEST.  Click Here to send us a message or phone 0423 139 578