Our Ethos

We are a family operated business with a goal to help create a larger nutrient dense food supply by promoting natural farming. 

Our aim is to provide farmers with the ‘know-how’ and raw ingredients for setting up their own DIY Bio-Fertiliser Making Systems.  Having on-farm 100% natural Systems help to minimise chemical and artificial inputs, plastic packaging waste and product transportation.

SONIC Bio-Fertiliser Making Systems assist farmers and growers to increase yield, improve the nutrient density of produce and build soil microbiology naturally, while decreasing fertiliser expenses.

Natural Farming methods we encourage include;

  • mulching
  • no till
  • top dressing
  • cover cropping
  • selective weeding
  • seed saving
  • diy bio-fertilisers
  • diy liquid bio-mineral supplements for livestock
  • composting and soil building
  • companion planting

We at SONIC Natural Farming believe regenerative farming is the way forward for a healthy future for our children, our grandchildren, and our Planet.

Happy Farming!

The SONIC Team

Find Out How To Setup & Manage a Bio-Fertiliser Making System on Your Farm


SONIC Natural Farming

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