Who We Are

We are an Australian family owned and operated fertiliser production company, first established in NSW, Australia, 2016. We believe land and soil regeneration are critical to the long-term success of any farming business, and we work alongside farmers integrating regenerative practices into their farming systems.


We believe that the fate of humanity will be decided at the frontier of the regenerative farming movement.  We will either see farming lead to creating a more chemical free, nutrient dense food supply, or a reinforcement of the use of harmful chemicals.

The absorbing of urea, synthetic fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides destroys the ecosystem of microorganisms that supply crops with vital nutrients. This approach leads to ever-increasing inputs that take advantage of ‘quick fixes’, while damaging valuable soil fertility and the ability to grow nutrient dense food. Our fear is that without a global, conscious, and concerted effort to reduce chemical use in farming, the outlook for ‘real’ human health is bleak.

Natural biological fertilisers have opened the doors for agricultural efforts to boost soil fertility and produce a ‘health giving’ food supply chain.  We believe farmers need to utilise progressive, chemical free farming methods as liberating tools to unleash all the good that nature has to offer.



We believe the genuine purpose of farming is to prioritise nutrition for human health, and to achieve this by regenerating nature’s living ecosystems.

As 4th generation Australian farmers, we know the challenges of farming, and understand that fertiliser inputs can be a significant expense for farmers.  This is why we sought to discover practical solutions to minimise fertiliser costs.

With minerals from the ocean and by following age old fermentation methods, we found that solution.  Today, we supply farmers with fresh Biological Fertilisers that reduce costs, improve sustainability and maximise yield.  We help farmers to minimise fertiliser costs, product transport costs, and container costs.  We also advise on fertiliser application methods and techniques to further improve liquid fertiliser efficiency and cost effectiveness.

SONIC On-Farm Support
We are committed to… building long-term relationships with farmers operating regenerative agricultural systems.


Fertiliser SONIC Ethos
We are committed to… advancing community cooperation for the safe production and use of environmentally beneficial fertiliser.


Soil Health SONIC Ethos
We are committed to.. helping reverse environmental damage from the production and overuse of chemical inputs.


Biological Soil Care Solutions
We are committed to.. the promotion of building benefical soil microbes, for a healthy food chain and a healthy planet.


Natural Farming SONIC Ethos
We are committed to.. contributing toward the cultivation of wholesome food, farmed using tried and tested natural farming methods.





At SONIC Natural Farming, what sets us apart is our unique approach of processing and supplying Biological Fertiliser Products directly on-farm.  Our vision is to see farmers and farming communities adopt this localised approach for sustainably, and cost effectively, sourcing natural fertilisers.

By supplying fertilisers, made directly on-farm, we can eliminate unnecessary expenses associated with traditional purchasing methods, making it a cost effective and environmentally friendly option for the conscientious farmer.

SONIC Natural Farming

Biological Soil Care Solutions

Supplied Fresh for Optimum Results