About Us

Like most farmers, you’re probably already working hard to improve your soil.  You care about the health of your land, and you want to have a business that’s successful, while also having time to spend with your family.


We’ve been there.

As a 4th generation family of farmers, we struggled to keep the farm going a few years back, but then we created new ways of farming using self-sufficient methods. By making and applying our own 100% natural Biological Fertilisers, we reduced input costs and fast tracked the fertility of our soil.

We fine tuned our brewing systems and worked with a variety of farms that also benefitted both financially, and on the land, from using our On-Site Bio-Fertiliser Production Systems.

Today we produce Bulk Bio-Fertilisers on individual farms, as an innovative way to help farmers cut costs and sequester carbon into soil humus to grow nutrient dense food

We can help you succeed.

We love helping farmers to grow their farming enterprise using our On-Site Systems so they can live the life they dream of.  This is how we do it;

We setup, operate and manage On-Site Bio-Fertiliser Production Systems to supply farmers with fresh Bio-Fertilisers, on-going, saving farmers time and money.

Click here to find out about SONIC On-Site Bio-Fertiliser Production Systems. 

“Since we started making and applying these natural fertilisers we’ve reduced our labour time and running costs, and seen nothing but happy healthy trees.”

– Jake, Kilburney Avocado Farm