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Why is Nutrient Dense Food Important?

We have been led to believe that chemicals are more useful than they are harmful.  But studies showing up in our Health Surveys indicate otherwise....

3 Good Reasons To Grow Your Nutrition

I believe nutrient dense food saved my life.  In 2007, for no obvious reason, my body became completely depleted and exhausted and suddenly I was...

5 Benefits of Interplanting in the Vegetable Garden

Looking for low labour, low cost and low maintenance gardening? Here you'll discover 5 benefits of interplanting vegetables in the garden and using...

Stress Management through Crisis

Everyone has a different mechanism for coping when it comes to stressful situations, however stress is usually always a result of over thinking.  It...

Soil Health Equals Long Term Profitability

Soil is one of the most important things for future human and animal health.  Whether you are farming vegetables, trees or animals, the health of...

Amazing Benefits of Comfrey in the Garden and on the Farm

Comfrey Compost Activator Comfrey is one of our favorite plants because it grows easily and has many amazing properties, one of which is used as a...

Why Soil Microorganisms are Vital to Your Gut Health

The human microbiome has become a major field of research, especially the intestinal microbial community, which plays a huge role in human health...

How Improving Your Soil Helps Create a Healthy World

  Hi folks, I want to take a brief moment to share with you one of the motivations behind SONIC Natural Farming. In 2011 I started growing my...

Tips for Composting and Making Healthy Soil

I had a dig in the compost today and was pleasantly surprised to find the most perfect soil example to share with you!

Why you may not be getting Real Nutrients from your Food and what you can do to change it

These days you don't have to be just a consumer to shop at the supermarket, you have to be a scientist.  It’s fascinating to ponder the changes that...

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