Farm Case Studies

Kilburney Avocado Farm
Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Kilburney Farm have 4 hectares of Avocados planted in October 2018.  They apply organic farming principals using cover cropping, mulching and SONIC Seaweed and Fish Bio-Fertilisers.


First season planting, October 2018

avocado trees SONIC DIY FertilisersF

August 2020 Kilburney Avocados

“Since we started making and applying these natural fertilisers we’ve reduced our labour time and running costs, and seen nothing but happy healthy trees.”

Jake - Kilburney Farm

Wilson River Pecans
Richmond Hill, NSW, Australia

Geoff Bugden, organic and biological Pecan farmer, uses Fish Hydrolysate for a Holistic spray regime on 10,000 Pecan Trees.  

Pecan SONIC DIY Fertilisers

August 2020 pristine leaf analysis test result.

“I think it’s doing a fantastic job!  We have had the best year with the most tree stress.”

Geoff Bugden - Wilson River Pecans

Local Dorper Lamb
Boorabee, NSW, Australia

Warren Wiggins from Local Dorper Lamb in Binnaburra, NSW uses Liquid Seaweed Bio-available Minerals as a drench for the sheep.  After 2 years using this method, he noticed the sheep were healthier with 2/3 less worms.  He says “the grass is richer and stronger” from the healthy ‘fertiliser’ that the sheep are spreading on the pastures.

“The sheep are healthy and happy.  The worms are cut down by two thirds and the grass is richer and stronger.”

Warren - Local Dorper Lamb

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