Probiotic Starter Culture

SONIC Beneficial Microbes Starter Culture

SONIC Biological Solutions for Livestock and Soil contain 100% natural ingredients with SONIC beneficial microbes Starter Culture of lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and fermenting fungi.

Beneficial microorganisms balance and improve:

  • Seed germination, plant and tree health
  • Soil microbiology
  • Plant health and yield
  • Pest deterrent and plant immunity
  • Plant nutrient uptake
  • Speed up composting process
  • Odours, including ammonia and hydrogen sulfide

SONIC Starter Culture is used in making Biologically active,’living’ Fertilisers, and contributes to the activation process and the break down of organic matter.

The Starter Culture also discourages bad odour by keeping the balance of  beneficial bacteria throughout the brewing time.

What makes Bio-Fertilisers and Bio-Minerals for Livestock unique is the work the beneficial microorganisms do by unlocking and amplifying nutrients, making all the minerals biologically available.

Compost Activator
DIY Natural Bio-Fertilisers

Naturally Brewed




100% Organic

Dried, Granulated Australian Seaweed

Tips for Composting and Making Healthy Soil

I had a dig in the compost today and was pleasantly surprised to find the most perfect soil example to share with you!

100% Organic DIY Soil Care Solutions


Find out how to build a Bio-Fertiliser Making System customised for your land, operation and goals

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