Starter Culture

Beneficial Microbes Starter Culture

SONIC Starter Culture consists of 100% natural beneficial microorganisms of mostly lactic acid bacteria, yeasts and fermenting fungi.

Beneficial microorganisms help improve:

  • Seed germination, plant and tree health
  • Soil microbiology
  • Plant health and yield
  • Pest deterrent and plant immunity
  • Plant nutrient uptake
  • Speed up composting process
  • Elimination of odors, including ammonia and hydrogen sulfide

SONIC Starter Culture is used in making Biologically active, or ‘living’, Fertilisers, and contributes to a balanced break down of organic matter.

The Starter Culture discourages bad odour because it keeps the balance of  beneficial bacteria through the brewing process.  Most of all though, beneficial microorganisms naturally ‘amplify’ the nutrient content by making the minerals biologically available.

Starter Culture can be applied as an inoculant to increase beneficial microbial diversity, and is used to cultivate microorganisms to decompose, regenerate and add value to organic matter.


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Odour Control With Beneficial Microorganisms

Odour control on the farm or in the household with Beneficial Microorganisms is something that can provide a rapid solution. It’s also an approach that is cost-effective and friendly to the environment.

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