Like most farmers, you’re probably already working hard, improving your soil, focused on the productivity of your land, and wanting a business that’s successful.  It’s not always easy.  We’ve been there…

As 4th generation farmers, on generational farm land, we have seen many changes, and a few years back we looked for new ways to farm using more cost-effective methods.

We started a new 5 ha orchard of avocados, and decided instead of using weedspray and chemicals, we would use mulch and cover crops around the young trees, and apply our own, produced on-farm, 100% naturally fermented Seaweed and Fish Fertiliser.

Organic Avocado Farm
Organic Avocado Farm

Over a period of time we saw input costs reduce, and clear signs that we were improving the biology in the soil.

We learned that agriculture can be both profitable and environmentally responsible.  SONIC Natural Farming evolved as a business, from our witnessing the growth and resilience on our own land, and then on others, leading us to share the value we still get, today, from using naturally fermented soil amendments.

Knowing how busy farmers are, we developed a model for facilitating efficient and sustainable On-farm Production Options

Our aim is to encourage natural farming practices, to ensure better food quality while promoting long-term sustainability and profitabiity for farmers and future generations.

The Future of Sustainable Soil Care

Biologically ‘Alive’ Liquid Fertiliser for Building Soil Biology, Naturally

Cost Saving Bulk Supply Options

Biological Products made On-Farm by qualified Operators

Environmentally Friendly Production

Cold Processed and Supplied Fresh for Optimum Results