Soil is one of the most important things for future human and animal health.  Whether you are farming vegetables, trees or animals, the health of your soil is key.

Regenerative farming practices repair soil from the overuse of chemicals and synthetic fertilisers by allowing microbial life to return.  That in turn replenishes the balance in the soil food web.  And things work well when they are in balance.

When we discovered that it is the soil microbiology that transports nutrients into plants, and into our food, we ventured into the world of microbes.  Beneficial microbes need two things, water and food (ideally sugars).  Keeping moisture in the soil with cover crops, and or mulch, also goes a long way to establishing the right conditions for building humus and good soil microbiology.

At SONIC we like to give soil a kick start by adding beneficial microbes to the mix when building soil or compost.  Provided the compost is moist, the microbes will get to work at breaking hard matter down.

A few ways of regenerating land, through self sustainable methods, to improve soil and increase profitability are;

1. Resting the soil and planting cover crops

Minimise or cease the use of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and artificial fertilisers.  Keep bare ground covered with cover crops, legumes and use minimum tillage or no till methods.

2. Using Biological Fertilisers

Traditional fermentation methods produce the best Fertiliser, and depending on the size of your system, at a fraction of the price.  Adding ‘living’ microbes to the soil will fast track soil biology.  Read more about SONIC Fertilisers

3.  Applying Mulch

Mulch is an important part of maintaining soil moisture.  To cut costs on purchasing mulch you can find out what grows well in your area, and harvest it when it is at a good stage to be dried and used as mulch.  Some examples we have used is lemongrass, turmeric leaves and pigeon pea branches are a good chop and drop mulch cover.  Cover crops can also double as a living mulch.

4.  Building Soil

Building soil is a big saving for some farms, particularly market gardeners.  Soil making can be cheap but can be labour intensive, such as collecting manure, leaves, organic garden matter etc.  We use a layering compost method similiar to the S.P.I.C. method, Static Pile Inoculated Compost, for making soil.  We inoculate compost with SONIC Seaweed Bio-Fertiliser and SONIC Beneficial Microbes Compost Activator.

Self-sufficient farming is by far the most cost effective way to farm.  But besides that, because all the inputs are natural, nature responds in kind.

Happy Farming!

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Find out how to build a Bio-Fertiliser Making System customised for your land, operation and goals

DIY Fertiliser Making System

With years of experience making cold-processed Fertilisers, and setting up on-farm Systems, you can rest assured that we will show you a tried and proven method for producing the best ‘living’ Fertilisers available today.

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