Why Fermentation?

Fermentation is a process that has been utilised for centuries in various industries including the production of biofertilisers. Biofertilisers are organic fertilisers that are derived from natural sources and provide essential nutrients to plants, and biology for the soil.  Fermentation generally requires a starter culture to activate and stabilise the process.

Beneficial Microorganisms

SONIC BOOM Starter Cultures are 100% natural, Australian wild harvested, microorganism formulas of beneficial bacteria, yeasts, and fermenting fungi.

Starter Cultures are used to activate and balance biological populations throughout the fermentation stages. 

Cultures enable cold processing to occur, without breaking down important amino chains, while preserving minerals and trace elements in a bio-available state, or easy to uptake by soil, plants and animals.

Beneficial Soil Microbes

Biological Fertilisers deliver great results because they are activated with beneficial microorganisms.  These beneficial microbes have the ability to ‘turn on’ (quorum sensing) dormant microbes in the soil, triggering a network of biological functions that support plant health and immunity.

Beneficial Microbes applied to plants and soil are known to:

  • Build soil biology and structure
  • Release locked up minerals in the soil
  • Increase plant nutrient uptake
  • Promote healthy seed germination
  • Raise plant brix levels
  • Increase nutrient density in crops

Biological Fertilisers are unique in that they are ‘living’ products.

Unlike synthetic fertilisers, which are chemically produced, biological fertilisers are derived from natural sources and undergo a process of cold fermentation.

During this fermentation process, beneficial microorganisms break down organic matter into nutrient-rich compounds that can be easily taken up by plants. These microorganisms play a crucial role in enhancing soil fertility and promoting plant growth.

Best Used Fresh!

One important aspect to consider when using biological fertilisers is their freshness. These products are best used fresh for optimum results. This is because the live microorganisms present in the fertiliser are most effective when they are active and thriving.  Therefore, to ensure maximum benefit from biological fertilisers, it is recommended to use them soon after purchase or production.

By using biologically fermented products fresh, we can harness the full potential of their beneficial microorganisms for optimal results in plant growth and agricultural productivity.

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