Liquid Seaweed Mineral Feed Supplement 180L+

Premium Seaweed Mineral concentrate formula, is crafted to enhance the animals overall well-being, through balanced organic nutrition, while promoting healthy growth and vitality.

No fillers, additives or preservatives.

Bulk Supplies starting from 180L, made to order.  Allow up to 10 weeks processing from time of order.

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Liquid Seaweed

Probiotic Mineral Feed Supplement

Boost your livestock's mineral nutrition with SONIC Probiotic Liquid Seaweed. Biologically, fermented to help optimise digestive function and enhance nutrient absorption. 100% organic mineral supplement suitable for all farm animals, including cattle, sheep, horses, goats, alpacas, pigs, poultry, and even pets.

Liquid Seaweed Feed SupplementCrafted using a cold process and 100% natural probiotic cultures, which ensures the full spectrum of minerals and trace elements are contained, and the seaweed becomes bio-available and easy to uptake for animals.

Packed with rich nutritional content, SONIC Liquid Seaweed Mineral Feed Supplement delivers numerous benefits, helping to enhance the animals overall well-being, productivity, and vitality.

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SONIC Liquid Seaweed Mineral Feed Supplement is produced using 100% Organic Australian Seaweed (Kelp), Natural Sugars, and Probiotic Cultures. No fillers, additives or preservatives.

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“I rarely had a problem with worms… and the quality of the grass is much better.”

Warren - Local Dorper Lamb

Top 5 Benefits: Liquid Seaweed Mineral Supplements

Incorporating SONIC Probiotic Liquid Seaweed into livestock diets offers several advantages including improved nutrition, enhanced immune function, better digestibility, reduced stress levels, and environmental sustainability. Farmers who choose this 100% natural supplement can expect healthier and more productive livestock as a result.

1. Improved Nutritional Value of Feed

Liquid Seaweed Supplements are rich in essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and trace elements. Adding these supplements to livestock feed can enhance the overall nutritional value of their diet, leading to improved health and productivity.

2. Enhanced Immune System

The bioactive compounds present in Liquid Seaweed Supplements have been found to boost the immune system of livestock. This helps animals fight off diseases and infections more effectively, reducing the need for antibiotics or other medications.

3. Increased Digestibility

Seaweed contains natural enzymes that aid in digestion and improve nutrient absorption in animals. By including Probiotic Liquid Seaweed Supplements in their diet, livestock can experience better digestion and utilisation of feed, resulting in improved growth rates.

4. Stress Reduction

Livestock often face various forms of stress such as transportation, changes in environment or diet, and exposure to pathogens. Liquid Seaweed Supplements have been shown to have calming effects on animals by reducing stress hormones like cortisol. This can promote better overall well-being and minimise negative impacts on performance.

5. Environmental Sustainability

SONIC Seaweed is from a renewable resource that is harvested without causing harm to marine ecosystems. By opting for SONIC bulk Liquid Seaweed Supplements for livestock production, farmers can contribute towards sustainable agriculture practices while reaping the benefits for their animals.

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How to use Probiotic Liquid Seaweed

Boost your animal’s health with SONIC Probiotic Liquid Seaweed Mineral Feed Supplement. This all natural chelated mineral concentrate is designed to be added to animal feed or water, to provide essential nutrients and natural probiotics for optimal growth and performance.

Whether administered as a drench, used as an inoculant on hay, or sprayed on grazing land, this versatile product is a game-changer for farmers.

Seaweed Supplement Benefits

  • Optimises digestive function
  • Decrease worms and gut borne diseases
  • Improves feed utilisation & nutrient uptake
  • Assists animals under stress


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Biological Products are best used within 3-6 months to get the maximum benefits.  Do not store in diluted form.
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Mineral Concentrate


Liquid Seaweed, Fish Hydrolysate, Liquid Seaweed for Livestock

For Soil, Crop & Livestock

  • Seed Treatment – prepares seeds with microbes and natural growth hormones.
  • Soil Conditioner – helps increase aeration, water holding capacity, and nutrients.
  • Soil Mineraliser – offers naturally balanced minerals and microelements.
  • Bio-stimulant – chelated micronutrients readily available for plants and animals.
  • Foliar Spray – coats leaf in beneficial microbes, leaving no space for pathogens.
  • Compost Activator – provides beneficial microbe boost to speed the break down of compost.
  • Livestock Minerals – delivers balanced kelp nutrients and probiotics to optimise digestion.