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SONIC Natural Farming Products are processed through a SONIC On-Farm Production System or a Regional Cooperative Production System.

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    180L+ per Product
    Products made to order and supplied fresh.  Allow up to 10 weeks for processing, from time of order.  Request Price & Availability

    2,700L+/Year Products
    Products made directly on-farm by qualified Production Operators.  Get annually scheduled, fresh batches of Liquid Biological Fertiliser for your land, and Probiotic Mineral Supplements for your animals.  Get a Quote for On-Farm Production

Don’t Meet the Minimum Qty Requirements? Consider a Cooperative Order

SEAWEED BIOLOGICAL FERTILISER - Sea Nutrition for Enhanced Plant and Soil Health

Cold fermentation takes seaweed’s full spectrum of minerals and trace elements to the next level.  SONIC Seaweed Biological Fertiliser delivers bio-available minerals activated with beneficial microbes, providing the ultimate soil mineraliser, conditioner and fertiliser.

Seaweed Biological Fertiliser Bulk Supply

LIQUID FISH HYDROLYSATE - Organic Nitrogen for Optimum Crop Health and Yield

Naturally cold processed,  SONIC Fish Hydrolysate provides a rich liquid concentrate containing organic minerals, trace elements, and proteins to stimulate beneficial soil microbes and desirable fungi.

fish hydrolysate bulk supplies


LIQUID SEAWEED FOR LIVESTOCK - Probiotic Minerals for Maximum Nutrient Uptake

Seaweed offers an unrivalled multi-supplement, containing chelated organic minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids.  Using natural probiotic cultures, SONIC Liquid Seaweed for Livestock is a tasty supplement that’s easy for animals to digest.

Liquid Seaweed Supplements for Livestock