Organic Mixed Vegetable Growing using Biological Fertiliser

Organic Mixed Crop Farming

In organic and regenerative small mixed crop growing, the use of biological fertilisers today, plays an important role in helping to boost and maintain soil fertility. By utilising natural sources of nutrients, farmers can enhance the health and productivity of their crops while minimising the reliance on chemicals and synthetic inputs.

Interplanting Diversity

One option in mixed crop farming is interplanting, which involves growing different types of crops together in close proximity. This practice helps to maximise land utilisation and promote biodiversity, leading to a more resilient and balanced ecosystem.

Liquid Biological fertilisers are derived from organic matter such as fish and seaweed (kelp). They contain beneficial microorganisms that help break down organic matter and release essential nutrients in a form that plants can readily absorb.

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Seed germination with Biological Fertiliser

Key Benefits of Biological Fertilisers

The use of biological fertilisers in mixed crop farming offers several advantages.

Firstly, they provide a natural source of nutrients including trace elements for the growing plants. Secondly, they improve soil structure and water-holding capacity, reducing erosion and enhancing overall soil health. Lastly, they contribute to the development of a diverse microbial community in the soil, which aids in nutrient cycling and disease suppression.

By incorporating biological fertilisers into mixed vegetable growing practices, organic small mixed crop growers can achieve sustainable agriculture while minimizing environmental impacts. These fertilisers not only provide essential nutrients for plant growth but also support the overall health and resilience of the agroecosystem.

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Biological Fertilisers are natural soil amendments that can greatly enhance the biology in soil.  Soil fertility helps to produce harvests with a higher nutrient density, longer shelf life, and plants that have less susceptibility to disease.

SONIC Liquid Seaweed Biological Fertiliser is formulated to supply broad spectrum minerals and trace elements.  Biologically activated with  beneficial soil microbes, it stimulates microbe and worm activity in the soil, helping plants to acquire more nutrients.

SONIC Liquid Fish Hydrolysate Fertiliser is cold processed so the amino chains remain intact and all the minerals and trace elements become bio-available and easy for plants to uptake.

How to Use Liquid Biological Fertilisers in Organic Mixed Vegetable Growing

SONIC Natural Farming Biological Fertilisers are concentrate products requiring dilution. Adjust rate to suit growth stage. Use lower rate for early growth and higher for advanced crop stages.

Seaweed and Fish Biological Fertiliser

Vegetables: 3-5L/ha every 7-14 days from emergence/transplant
Vegetables (advanced): 5-15L+/ha

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Biological Fertiliser Production

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SEAWEED BIOLOGICAL FERTILISER - Sea Nutrition for Enhanced Plant and Soil Health

Cold fermentation takes seaweed’s full spectrum of minerals and trace elements to the next level.  SONIC Seaweed Biological Fertiliser delivers bio-available minerals activated with beneficial microbes, providing the ultimate soil mineraliser, conditioner and fertiliser.

Seaweed Biological Fertiliser Bulk Supply

FISH HYDROLYSATE - Organic Nitrogen for Optimum Crop Health and Yield

Naturally cold processed, capturing important amino chains, SONIC Fish Hydrolysate provides a rich liquid concentrate containing organic minerals, trace elements, protein and oils. Vastly improves soil structure. Stimulates beneficial soil microbes and desirable fungi.

fish hydrolysate bulk supplies


LIQUID SEAWEED FOR LIVESTOCK - Probiotics & Chelated Minerals for Maximum Nutrient Uptake

Seaweed offers an unrivalled multi-supplement, containing chelated organic minerals, trace elements, vitamins and amino acids.  Cold processed, using natural probiotic cultures, SONIC Liquid Seaweed for Livestock is tasty and easy for animals to digest.

Liquid Seaweed Supplements for Livestock